The Investing Times is one of Australia’s longest running and most successfully structured investment publications.

It is the exclusive home of the Zone System [icon color=”Extra-Color-3″ size=”tiny” image=”fa-copyright”]which many DIY and SMSF investors rely on for their active investment decisions.  The basis of its success is that it advocates stable, conservative minded and sensible investing.

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Strategies and opportunities including expert commentary on current and major financial topics and critical assessment of equity, property and fixed interest markets, managed funds, product reviews and general investor education including insurance and taxation.

The Zone System which is our exclusive share-market barometer and a proven metric to help you decide on the ideal allocation between cash and shares

Reviews on various market sectors including the current position and market mood

Self managed superannuation fund commentary on investment issues and rule changes specific to DIY funds

Sharemarket analysis designed to maximise the value of long-term core and defensive share portfolios which also includes timely updates on holdings in every issue.

The Zone System

InvestingTimesZoneSystemThe Zone System uses five zoning formulas that helps identify when the share-market is significantly undervalued, undervalued, fair value, overvalued and significantly overvalued.

In other words, it is one of few metrics that reliably help us to buy low and sell high.

Read more about the zone system here…

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89% of our subscribers have been with us for over 5 years
65% of our subscribers have been with us for over 10 years
11% of our subscribers are doctors
25% of our subscribers are female and growing

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